How to Create a Profit Explosion in Your Own Pharmacy & Why It’s the Most Powerful Money-Making Manual for Pharmacy Owners

This is the largest, most comprehensive book The Pharmacy Sage has even written about building profits and accumulating wealth in your own pharmacy. Its divided into 6 major sections.

  • Introduction to millionaire strategies and thinking
  • The third wave
  • The savvy pharmacy owners marketing handbook
  • The Pharmacy Sage’s secret marketing success formula 
  • How to build a brand
  • The lazy man’s way to riches. Includes such gems as: 
  • How and why successful pharmacy owners think differently
  • The major elements that make the difference between success and failure in any marketing plan 
  • How to build a brand the most successful way possible for an independent pharmacy 

Within the scope of these 6 sections lies information you most likely cannot find elsewhere. For instance:

  • Why this particular new business model may make the difference between wealth vs struggling in your own pharmacy 
  • How and why goal setting can help you achieve your dreams—and which goals are more important than others
  • How to market really effectively, even when you don’t have a marketing budget 
  • Why certain elements that you’re not currently using in your marketing can make your marketing more resonant, and therefore more memorable

The Pharmacy Sage believes that you will be especially interested in the following:

  • What’s so special about a Wellness Pharmacy 
  • How to delegate effectively so that you work less hard and accomplish more
  • What culture is all about and why it makes a difference 
  • The power of strategic marketing because it attracts many new patients with money to spend in your pharmacy 
  • Many reasons why 90% of all your advertising fails to get the results it should
  • How to magnetically attract hordes of new patients
  • Discover NO-COST WAYS to attract patients with money to spend 


And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Because it is so all-inclusive, especially regarding how The Pharmacy Sage’s Strategic Marketing makes a difference in the results you achieve, this book is a must-read for you, as an owner, when you want to succeed enormously well.