How to Build a Pharmacy Brand That Dominates 

What is a brand? What’s it all about? The answers to these questions— and more—are what this new landmark publication is all about. Here The Pharmacy Sage reveals the 7 elements that must go into the creation of a memorable brand

It all starts with purpose. Why did you go to pharmacy school, and why did you create your own pharmacy? 

Indeed, this book sheds new light on a very important subject. In it you will find:

  • What is a brand? And how can you benefit from having one? 
  • 7 tips to creating a better brand
  •  Self-questionnaire for brand building 
  • How does culture relate to your brand? 
  • Which one activity should you focus most to best build your brand
  • Why is your vision paramount and what are the 6 essential components of that vision

To fully create your brand, developing your “A-team” is paramount. And so is getting the word out via strategic marketing. Both are fundamental. 

In this outstanding publication, The Pharmacy Sage also pinpoints the 6 elements that solidify your brand in ways that nothing else can.

As you devour this book, you’ll uncover other criteria for building your brand. For instance…

  • What is the starting point?
  • What do you have to do in order to get your brand off the ground? 
  • What is the absolute necessary foundation for your vision in order to have the future you want for your pharmacy?
  • How do you build the culture you want, and how do you get it to be what you want it to be?
  • What kind of marketing gets the job done?
  • What is the one detail overlooked by all of your competitors regarding brand building? And what must you do to nail it down? 
  • Now that you’ve found out where your brand begins and what its foundation should be, discover a critical key element that absolutely, positively must be a part of your brand. In fact, if it is not, your brand will not truly exist. Discover what it is. 
  • To what other details must you pay attention in order to ensure a lasting brand name so that you leave a strong legacy

In fact, if you can master just some of the principles and practices contained in this book, you will magnetically attract target people to you like flies to flypaper. 

In this book, The Pharmacy Sage also solidifies why this brand building information is also key to your growing cash flow and profits

Without defining your brand, you’re just another player in the pharmacy business. Your brand should be built around the concept of the Wellness Pharmacy, which is the true basis of differentiating your pharmacy. 

Here, The Pharmacy Sage lays out the exact steps you need to go through in order to establish your brand. He also identifies completely and unequivocally all the elements needed to create your total brand, and he recites a brand name promise that will help you convey to your patients and would-be patients what your brand is all about. 

In fact, this brand name promise will make you the envy of all other pharmacies. 

Right now—and for a limited time only—this book is free. After that, it will sell for $50.

Do get the book.  

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What is Your Purpose and Passion?

What is it that you get most passionate about regarding helping people to enjoy decidedly better health? And does that purpose and passion drill down to the utter depths of your wanting to consult to them and advise them on all the different ways in which they can address any particular chronic ache, pain, or other manner of disease that afflicts each and every one of them?


Brands That Dominate Do the Right Things

Don’t bemoan your fate. Figure out how to change it. In today’s marketplace it’s tough to stand out. Just having a pharmacy and employees who work for you won’t guarantee that people will come through your doors. Since there’s a chain store at every major intersection, you need to stand out. 


7 Tips for Developing Your Brand

  • 1. Create an ambience in your store that excites— makes your store a destination point. Make it look better, more upscale, more enticing.
  • Make certain you have only A-Team members on your staff— ones whose level of service becomes legendary. Continuously train and keep training. Make training a way of life.
  • Have higher-than-average quality supplements that really deliver a punch as you help people “feel better, live longer, and become more energetic.” Sensibly priced, too.  


Differentiate to Identify the Uniqueness of Your Pharmacy

Your pharmacy should be unique, different, and decidedly superior to your competition. You should also be able to say to a patient— or a potential patient— "Mrs. Jones, the pharmacy that serves you best, that you will most likely want to do business with, is one that… 

  • Provides you with medicines that are customized to your needs— to the needs of your own body.
  • Also, provides you with information and education about how these natural medicines can help you, and how they can be integrated with your prescriptions for maximum re¬sults and minimum side effects.  


Your Vision of the Future is the Foundation on Which Everything Rests

Yes, the future of your pharmacy rests on your vision. It is paramount to what you will do and how successful you will become. Essentially, your vision should evolve around the following 6 topics: 

  • Products and services that you sell
  • Markets you serve and how you serve them