Turn struggling pharmacy owners into millionaires

There are an enormous number of business related mistakes that pharmacy owners make and continue to make in an ongoing fashion. Ones that blunt the profitability of their growth. However, there are 3 really big ones that need to be put under a microscope, examined, and rectified.

Discover the details and how you can best rectify these blunders for yourself.

Get this valuable report “The 3 Biggest Mistakes Independent Pharmacies Make, Continue to Make—And What You Can Do About Them.”

  • Mistake #1: not having the right business model. This is critical, and its absence is causing thousands of pharmacy owners to remain subject to the dictates of the insurance companies. Once you discover a more perfect business model, then you can run away from the dominance of those insurance companies.
  • Mistake #2: the way to win in business is to mold your workers to fit your culture and your vision. What you do with those team workers can make a huge difference. How you train and motivate team members can make a huge difference. 
  • Mistake #3: not organizing around your marketing. Marketing is the only element of your business that can make a significant difference. Everything else is just a cost. However, any old marketing simply will not do. When you discover what meaningful marketing is all about, you’ll also develop an awareness that you’re not making the best use of your time. Organizing around your marketing can give you a far better outcome.

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"Once in a great while someone comes along who is so knowledgeable, capable, and produces such impressive results that I just can't wait to let others in on the secret. Such a person is Lester Nathan. When it comes to helping independent pharmacists make money, he has no peer."
Allen Bunn, R.Ph, Cream Ridge, NJ